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Thous Winds
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The spout can turn the TW3001 900ml kettle into a collection of coffee makers. The TW3002 spout is solid and fits with the aluminum alloy pavilion. Safe, durable, and easy to clean.


The TW3001 900ml Aluminum Kettle is lightweight and easy to carry. With the spout (which needs to buy separately) it can be turned into a collection of the coffee pots. The short spout design can smooth the flow of water. Simple and elegant design suitable for all camp activities.


Retro gas tank leather case, matching a variety of models, multiple colors are available select, the leather is made of Italian A-grade vegetable-tanned leather, which is produced by leather masters Fu Chun handmade stitching and coloring, regular stitching, handmade retro the sassafras color adds more value to the monotonous cylinder.


All-metal retro-textured gas tank cover, derived from outdoor aesthetic life designed by integrating the way into nature, creating a chic for life atmosphere. Safe and thermal insulation function, easy to cover installation be usable. Retro brass LOGO signs embellish the body Pursuit of quality improvement and full love of life.


This Thous Winds multifunction 2 in 1 grill and bread toaster are convient to use and easy to bring anywhere. Suitable to use during your camping trip and at home.