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Sleek and compact whistle with an innovative and practical design.

Design: 3-chamber pealess
Sound Power: 110 dB


  • The Fox 40 Micro® is designed to be small and flat with no pressure points
  • Can be attached to anything - life jackets, clothing, backpacks, etc.
  • Recommended choice by outdoor enthusiasts, adventure guides, runners, hikers and cyclists
  • No moving parts to freeze, jam or deteriorate
  • Flawless, consistent and reliable
  • The harder you blow, the louder the sound
  • Easy to blow and cannot be overblown
  • Chambers are designed to self-clear when submerged in water
  • Will be heard above ambient noise, loud crowds, the roar of engines, breaking waves and thundering gale-force winds


  • With Breakaway Lanyard




  • Safety and Security of you and your family is Top Priority!
  • Colour: Various
  • Stretch length: 65-135cm
  • Weight: 255g
  • Wristband: High-density nylon webbing
  • Handle : EVA Foam + Cork
  • Shaft: 7075 Aluminum alloy
  • convenient Twist lock, very easy to adjust pole length
  • 7075 Aluminum alloy
  • EVA foam anti-slip holder
  • Adjustable wrist band
  • Durable carbon steel pole tip with mud support

Wear-resistant and compressive, it can be folded lightly. Fast locking system, high locking strength. Fast. Impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, able to maintain working loading in harsh environments, stable, safe and reliable. Tough tungsten steel rod tip, wear-resistant, non-slip, firm grip.


Main material of rod: 70/75 lightweight aluminum alloy

Main material of handle: high elastic EVA

Locking device: FLASHLOCK fast locking system

Specification: 120~140CM, three sections, diameter 16MM, shrink size: 36CM

Weight: 0.31KG


Leki Micro Vario Carbon, equipped with lots of details, supports you uphill and downhill and helps you save energy. In addition to the anatomically formed AERGON Thermo Long Grip and the super simple Speed Lock 2 Adjustment System comes the newly developed ELD External Locking Device, which ensures more stability and safety on the mountain thanks to its special construction. The pole can be folded together to a pack size of 40 cm at the push of a button and can be stored in any backpack. Weighing in at just 240 g, it is a real all-rounder.



  • Lenght: 110 - 130 cm (pack size 38 cm)
  • Series: Unisex
  • Construction: Folding poles ELD Vario
  • Segments: 5-pieces
  • Tube diameter: 18|16|14|14|14 mm
  • Shaft material: 100% Carbon (Pure)
  • Grip: Aergon (Thermo) + Thermo Long 
  • Strap: Lock Security Strap (Skin)
  • Adjustment system: Speed Lock 2
  • Basket: Trekking 2.0.
  • Tip: Flex Tip (Short)
  • The weight of one pole: 240 g
  • Pack size: 40 cm

External locking device (ELD) - Special construction for even more stability and safety. Easy to handle – a push button releases the pole tension

Folding poles - lightweight with the smallest pack size. Ideal poles for climbing, trail running, small tours or to take along on the road.

Speed lock 2 - high holding force. Fast adjustment. TÜV certified. Adjust your poles to the most convenient length with Speed Lock.

Aergon - ultralight and edgeless Aergon Thermo Compact grip for a comfortable fit in every hand

Lock security strap (skin) - the LEKI Skin Strap is an ultra-lightweight, highly breathable strap offering maximum comfort with minimum weight.

100% pure carbon - pure carbon for pure joy. Super light and stiff for optimal swing action.

Thermo long - Thermal extension for a comfortable fit in every hand.

Flex tip short - more precise pole use and perfect grip in nearly all terrains.

LEKI offers a lifetime global warranty on material defects and manufacturing defects, as well as a ten-year availability guarantee for spare parts.


Leki Trail is one of Leki's super strong, classic poles. Thanks to the Round Top Comfort Soft Grip with adjustable strap and extra strong Super Lock, the ultra-strong internal adjustment system, your Trail can be adjusted to any length. Aluminium shafts and the carbide tip ensure the necessary stability. Adjustable from 110 cm to 145 cm.

  • Lenght: 110-145 cm
  • Series: Unisex
  • Construction: Vario
  • Segments: 3-pieces
  • Shaft material: Aluminium (HTS 6.0)
  • Grip: RoundTopComfort (Soft)
  • Strap: Lock Security Strap (Nylon)
  • Adjustment system: Super Lock
  • Basket: Trekking
  • Tip: Flex Tip (Short)
  • Weight of one pole: 270 g
  • Tube diameter: 18|16|14 mm
  • Package size: 65 cm

Round top comfort - Edgeless design with easily adjustable safety strap.

Super lock - Maximum holding force (140 kg guaranteed) - Extreme reverse turn security (> 360) - Maximum safety reserves.

Aluminium HTS - Super stable, extremely robust and very durable.

Flex tip short - More precise pole use and perfect grip in nearly all terrains.


The tape can be used for the following:

  • Inhibition of hypertonic muscles
  • Correction of the fascia
  • Protecting muscles against excessive stress
  • protecting joints
  • improving the propriosensory system
  • suppressing pain
  • reducing inflammation
  • reducing lymphatic oedema
  • reducing haematoma
  • influencing the range of motion
  • stimulatibng hypotonic muscles

It is a special kind of textile, woven to replicate the human skin, and has the following propertise:

  • Stretch capability of up to 17%, similar to human skin
  • Similar weight and thickness to human skin
  • Ability to strech in 2 direction, idagonally relative to the longitudinal axis
  • Easy to cut
  • Latex-free
  • Permeable to air and moisture
  • 100% acrylic adhesive coating, hypoallergenic
  • Moisture-resistant
  • 5cm x 5m ROLL