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  • Automatic inflation with oversized valve
  • 8 cm thick that does not make you feel the unevenness of the ground 
  • With an easy-to-carry storage bag
  • Just the right thickness 8 cm considering the weight and storage size
  • Just the right size for 2 pieces perfect for camping and car areas 
  • Dark gray color that fits in any car


  • With a special structure, it is easy to set up by yourself. One-touch, high-strength steel frame.
  • Comes with a dedicated carry bag that can be folded and stored
  • High enough to keep cold and heat out of the ground
  • Coloring that blends in with the campsite

6 Person Tent 

Comfortable Sleep 

Leakage Prevention 

Easy Set-Up 

  • Self-supporting air pillow, high resilience foam filling
  • Automatic inflation with a gentle twist
  • One-piece air pillow, support the neck more comfortable
  • Highly resilient foam filling provides soft support
  • 190T chambray fabric
  • Unlimited left and right splicing

Mobi Garden 1-person Single Egg Crate Mat is uniquely designed to resemble an egg crate to give your body a massage after a long day of hiking.

  • Wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric
  • Brushed lining
  • Polyester filling
  • Can be spliced up and down
  • Ergonomic design for a more comfortable fit
  • Automatic inflation
  • High rebound sponge
  • Portable storage

Mobi Garden's self-inflated double sleeping mat with foam composition on the inside with a thickness of 9 cm makes this sleeping pad very soft and comfortable to use. 


MOBI GARDEN camp beds are easy to assemble and easy to store.

The wide design has good stability for comfortable sleeping, is lightweight, and is waterproof.

  • Size: Small (125*200cm) Medium (160*200cm) Large (180*200cm)
  • Storage size: small (14*21*8cm) medium (14*21*9cm) large (14*21*10cm)
  • Weight: small (about 400g) medium (about 500g) large (about 560g)
  • Automatic Inflatable
  • Portable Lightweight only 250g
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Comfortable Elastic Fabric
  • 2.5cm High Elastic Sponge
  • Adjustable Thickness

suitable for conventional camp beds (three-legged or 4-legged)


(This product does not include camp beds!!!)

  • Style: 1 Person 
  • Weight: About 800g (1 Person)
  • Bearing Weight: About 200kg
  • Size: 290x148cm (1 Person)
  • Packing Size: 21x11cm (1 Person)
  • Safety Rope: 260cm/One Root
  • Polyester fabric
  • Polyester lining
  • Pull-on hood design
  • Can be spliced can be spread, large space to change the posture at will
  • Warm and comfortable machine washable

Sleeping Bag Envelope made of Polar Fleece Polyester from Mobi Garden which is very soft, suitable for traveling to areas with temperatures not less than 25⁰C, and also suitable for daily use as a blanket.


Single Person

Size: 188 x 55 x 3cm (open) / 32 x 18cm (packed)
Weight: 1150g


Double Person

Size: 192 x 132 x 3cm (open) / 65 x 21cm (packed)
Weight: 2700g


Triple Person

Size: 192 x 180 x 3cm (open) / 90 x 21cm (packed)
Weight: 3450g



  • Easy to fold and portable.
  • Unlimited free splicing.
  • Easy twist to start automatic inflation mode.
  • Extremely suitable for camping, picnic, beach days, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

It is made with a thick and stable 7.5cm thickness, so you can use it comfortably even in a place where there is a big difference in steps, even when you are sitting or standing, thanks to the elastic cushioning feeling.


An art blanket that can be used in a variety of ways, Use it just as a blanket or even as a mat, with a stylish design and soft warm materials. A dedicated storage strap easy for anyone to use, and it has a handle for convenient storing storage.


With a coat robe that prevents cold, you can create practical and atmospheric camping with emotional design and color, and there is a skirt that covers the floor, so you can use and store various props in the bottom space of the field bed. 


A simple ergonomic design and can be used comfortably by anyone. The KZM Camp Cot is easy to install and disassemble by fastening the tension lock system, and it can be used semi-permanently with high-quality polyester fabric and a sturdy frame structure.


Naturehike Washable Cotton Picnic Mat Camping Mat Tent Blanket has a thick sense of substance. It comes with a three-layer design that makes it moisture-resistant and insulated.


Captain Stag UC1828 Folding double person bench is a bench that come with a large storage which can used to store rugs, towel or magazine during your camping time.



Captain Stag UB2004 CS Black Label Camping Bed Campbed are easy assembly and easy storing
The wide design with head rest makes it comfortable to sleep and the excellent breathability that does not convey cold air or humidity.


CAPTAIN STAG UB2005 Gracia Low Style Compact Bed come with a compact storage that is easy to carry. The leg frame ensures breathability and keeps out cold and damp ground.