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  • Waterproof mosquito killer lamp
  • Removable lampshade
  • The fully charged mosquito-killing function has a usage time of ≥30 hours.
  • Food grade material
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • High and low-temperature resistance
  • Soft foldable
  • Small body, easy to carry.
  • Convenient travel and reduced burden to meet camping needs.
  • Carry all the oil, salt, sauce, and vinegar for outdoor cooking with more ingredients.

Water bag 2L

  • NX22690003
  • 2L Size: L440xW179MM
  • 2L Net Weight: About 150G

Water bag 3L

  • NX22690004
  • 3L Size: L470xW203MM
  • 3L Net Weight: About 170G
  • Integrated automatic quick-setup structure
  • Two-room and one-hall design
  • Suitable for outdoor camping
  • Triple-layer windproof and waterproof materials
  • Easy to set up
  • Leak-proof
  • Explosion-proof
  • High-density mesh to get rid of mosquitoes.
  • Strong load-bearing capacity.
  • Comfortable, breathable, tear-resistant.
  • Anti-mosquito hammock.
  • Product Name: Cassette stove storage bag
  • Material: Polyacetate fiber (600D Oxford cloth) 
  • Lining: Polyacetate fiber (210D Oxford cloth) 
  • Expanded size: 26x24x13CM 
  • Net weight: 250G
  • Food grade non-stick coating, high quality, and high-temperature resistance.
  • Rapid heat conduction, beech wood handle.
  • Portable storage bag.
  • Thickened vinyl sun protection.
  • Comfortable and large space.
  • UPF50+ deep sun protection without fear of the scorching sun.
  • The sun penetration rate of the thickened vinyl coating is almost zero.
  • 22MM thick irons are stable and durable.
  • High-density polyester fabric, solid, durable, and odor-free.
  • Cotton filling, soft, and not easy to leave marks.
  • Can be gently washed in a front-loading washing machine.
  • Windproof and Rainproof 

  • Panoramic Internal 
  • Breathable Mosquito Control 
  • Lightweight and Portable 
  • Automatic pressure-release technology
  • Safe and Easy
  • Spacious design
  •  Breathability and mosquito protection
  • Easy to Carry 
  • Efficient 
  • Innovative 
  • Hanging and Stand Flexibility Lamp 

  • Nitecore Extreme 

  • Hangable 

  • Durable


Four-position adjustable, with its own pillow. 600D Oxford cloth, breathable and wear-resistant anti-tear. Aluminum alloy bracket, light, and stable. Natural beech wood armrests, the color is beautiful. Just unfold and sit, easy to portable.



  • Large capacity, roomy enough.
  • Foldable design for convenient carry and storage.
  • Welded seams make it no risk of leakage so it can be a bucket for car-washing and fishing.
  • A lightweight basket for camping snacks, fruits, drinking, and so on stuff.



  • Classification Storage
  • Large capacity
  • Sustainable materials
  • Convenient


  • High - 10 Hours
  • Medium - 15 Hours
  • Low - 25 Hours
  • Two light modes
  • Thicker copper wire
  • Strip length about 2.2M
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • Waterproof battery box
  • Taped storage bag

Extremely suitable for camping, picnics, beach days, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

  • Expanded that is sitting
  • 600D double-layer oxford fabric
  • Thickened iron pipe support
  • Triangular stable structure
  • Multiple pockets for storage
  • Fast folding
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Two light modes
  • Thicker copper wire
  • Strip length about 2.2M
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • Waterproof battery box
  • Taped storage bag
  • Self-supporting air pillow, high resilience foam filling
  • Automatic inflation with a gentle twist
  • One-piece air pillow, support the neck more comfortable
  • Highly resilient foam filling provides soft support
  • 190T chambray fabric
  • Unlimited left and right splicing

Mobi Garden 1-person Single Egg Crate Mat is uniquely designed to resemble an egg crate to give your body a massage after a long day of hiking.

  • Wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric
  • Brushed lining
  • Polyester filling
  • Can be spliced up and down
  • Ergonomic design for a more comfortable fit
  • Automatic inflation
  • High rebound sponge
  • Portable storage

Mobi Garden's self-inflated double sleeping mat with foam composition on the inside with a thickness of 9 cm makes this sleeping pad very soft and comfortable to use. 


Multi-loop design
Hang your things as you like


MOBI GARDEN camp beds are easy to assemble and easy to store.

The wide design has good stability for comfortable sleeping, is lightweight, and is waterproof.



  • Sleep peacefully and enjoy your personal space.
  • Removable outer tent with 5 sides for ventilation.
  • Multiple hanging points for the tent.
  • Expandable and easy to attach.

 Folding Trolley Static pressure load About 80KG Weight About 8.3KG Trailer capacity About 100L Bracket Iron pipe Expand...


Super loading 190L large capacity body Widened and enlarged universal wheels, equipped with double carbon steel bearings...


Rhombus is a tilted equilateral parallelogram, based on its inherent symmetry, visually gives people a sense of...


Rhombus is a tilted equilateral parallelogram, based on its inherent symmetry, visually gives people a sense of...


Fully coated silver fabric, sun, and water-resistant Tent can be installed with silver coated top cape,...


One room with double doors that can be matched with a vestibule to expand the activity space...


Note: This table is suitable for Mobi Garden folding campsite trolleys (base model co-branded/brake model expandable)

Not suitable for larger models and other brands of pushchairs.



  • Strong rope with solid core knitting design
  • Cotton-polyester material, is strong and durable
  • Suitable for tying a canopy/tent to a peg, or used as a clothesline when camping/tying any object




Titanium Material Not Easy to Rust

  • Low Density
  • Lightweight
  • High Intensity
  • Not Easily Radioactive

Plating (hard oxide)

More wear-resistant, stable, high temperature resistant, and high hardness.


Mobi Garden Multifunctional Storage Bag is made from strong, tear-resistant cotton. It has a load resistance of up to ± 5kg for a capacity of 10L. With hand handles to make carrying the bag easier. With a removable PE board design for easy use. Suitable for storing camping equipment and other items.

  • Polyester fabric
  • Polyester lining
  • Pull-on hood design
  • Can be spliced can be spread, large space to change the posture at will
  • Warm and comfortable machine washable

Sleeping Bag Envelope made of Polar Fleece Polyester from Mobi Garden which is very soft, suitable for traveling to areas with temperatures not less than 25⁰C, and also suitable for daily use as a blanket.



  • Wild camping
  •  All kinds of self-driving casual camping (Park, beach, campsite, lakeshore)
  •  Music festival camping party, beach and leisure camping

MOBI GARDEN Crystal String Lights LED is a versatile lamp, that can be installed during outdoor activities or at home as a decoration.