Land & Sea Big Buddy II Knife/Hammer Pro Series 5005070
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420 Grade Stainless Steel Hollow Ground Blade

  • Multipurpose Blade
  • Hi-Vis Handle & Sheath w/HammerHead
  • Quality Rubber Strap
  • Comes Apart for Easy Cleaning


Land & Sea Big Buddy II Knife/Hammer Pro Series 5005070



This is a durable multi-purpose knife featuring an easy grip handle with a hammer end, a multi-edge blade with a pointed tip, line cut & saw edge, and a quality 420-grade stainless steel hollow ground blade. The knife also comes with a tough, bright-colored molded sheath with a quick-release sheath button and quick-release rubber straps. The knife also has a unique construction that allows it to be easily dismantled for cleaning purposes.



  • Easy Soft molded grip handle with hammer end
  • Practical and durable
  • Rope cutter
  • Fishing Line cutter
  • Durable multi-edged blade with hammerhead
  • Rubber straps with quick-release buckles
  • Quality 420 Grade hollow ground stainless steel blade
  • Multi edge blade
  • Heavy Duty bright molded sheath with quick-release button
  • Comes apart for easy cleaning
  • Full Length: 26.5cm approx
  • Blade Length: 14cm appro



  • An impressive 420-grade of stainless steel has been sourced to craft the hollow-ground knife.
  • Multiple functions are packed into just one blade, including flat-edge, saw-edge, line-cutter, and pointed tip.
  • Preserving the long-term quality of the knife is made simple because of the unique design letting you entirely dismantle it for cleaning.
  • The sheath and durable rubber straps make storing the knife safely on your leg a much simpler task.
  • A quick-release button on the sheath allows instant access to the dive knife.


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