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  • Lightweight with a high load capacity of up to 80kg
  • Relax in comfort with the ventilation mesh on the wide backrest of the chair.
  • The neck cushion ensures proper neck and head support, allowing you to lean back and relax.
  • Built with a strong and lightweight steel frame. 
  • 95-degree angle providing a comfortable and relaxing seating position.
  • A mesh pocket is conveniently located at the back of the chair.
  • Rear strap that allows you to hang items using a carabiner or similar attachment.
  • Load capacity: 80kg
  • Detachable neck cushion using Velcro tape
  • A pocket is provided at the back to keep your small items
  • Load capacity: 80kg

It is made of iron mesh material that is strong against heat and moisture, and the table is light in weight and mini size, so it is easy to carry.


It is possible to adjust the height according to the desired angle by simple operation


can be adjusted in 4 steps and is highly useful as a mesh shelf, has improved heat resistance and corrosion resistance


It is a stable castanets chain with a load of 80kg


It can be used by mounting various burners on the BBQ burner plate that can be adjusted in two stages.


A heat-resistant powder coating with excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance is applied to the top plate so that it is not easily damaged by strong heat or moisture during use.


Compared to regular aluminum, it has a lower thermal conductivity, durability, and corrosion resistance, and a smaller volume for easier portability.


It has passed reliable domestic technology and various safety tests and is made of solid aluminum material with high thermal conductivity.


Component: Spoon x4 ea, Chopstick 23cm, Fork 21cm, Knife 22.3cm, Case: 32 x 26cm / Storage: 88 x 26cm

  • Dimension: Upon installation: 420 x 270 x 170cm | Storage: 71 x 29 x 29cm | Inner tent: 270 x 220 x 165cm
  • Capacity: 3-4 persons

It is a small-sized kettle that can be carried easily when you are outdoors such as fishing or camping. 


With 5 cups, you can use it in a light, compact size for outdoor activities such as camping or fishing.

  • Weight: 2.8kg
  • Load Capacity: 80kg
  • Load capacity: 80Kg
  • Size: Upon installation-38x38x58cm

It is a kernel relaxation chair with an emotional military pattern, so you can use it anytime, anywhere.

  • Load Capacity: 30kg
  • Burner plate size: (w)43cm x (l)38cm
  • Size: Upon installation: 96 x 60 x (h)40cm (plate: 43x38cm, side table: 51x33cm) | Storage: 62.5 x 49.5 x 6.6cm
  • Weight: 4.7kg

This is an easy-to-adjustable table that is suitable for both high and low chairs and is a 2-fold table that can also be used as a sitting table. The table is easy to assemble and carry lightweight and can be safely stored with a dedicated carry bag.


The full ground sheet that blocks cold air and moisture extends all the way to the front room, providing a more spacious living space through efficient space utilization.


It is a tent that can be easily installed by anyone with only 3 poles. It provides a wide living space by applying a full ground seat. The mesh window is also applied to the side for an excellent opening feeling. The zero-lux system with excellent shading power is applied to the inner tent.


This high-end tent is protected from UV rays by applying a black pigment coating with an excellent shading effect. The vertical ridge pole is applied to the upper part to support the tent more firmly, and the high ceiling allows free activity. The main pole structure is crossed by the letter X and designed to be more robust to the wind, responding to various weather changes when used.


This tent stands out for its convenience and function. It is designed to be installed quickly and easily by adopting vertical poles. Teflon coating boasts high light-shielding power and waterproofing power. By applying an inner tent of a dark tone, you can sleep lightly by double blocking light.


More than 6M longer length allows for free activity and is a large tent optimized for auto camping. Forming a protective film for an excellent water repellent effect and The best Teflon coating is applied to protect the fabric from other contaminants. The roof has a black pigment coating with excellent light blocking effect Block the hot ultraviolet rays, and enjoy comfortable camping.


Anyone can easily install it with a simple installation method that does not combine poles. The one-touch system that can be easily installed by pulling the handles located on both sides of the inner tent is applied. It is a tent with an excellent opening feeling and breathability by applying a mesh window. Free activities are possible with a large indoor space, and they can be used comfortably with excellent breathability.


A tent that interprets the classicity of a cabin tent with a modern design. it creates an emotional atmosphere and adds to the joy of camping.


It is a shade tent of an auto system that can be installed at once without assembly. You can effectively block UV rays by applying a silver coating on the inside of the tent. All four sides are made of mesh windows, making them unruly and breathable. The large indoor space allows for free activities and can be used comfortably with excellent breathability.


It is an auto tent that can be used for many purposes, such as toilets or changing rooms, and is a one-touch auto tent that can be installed and stored easily at once without any wind-resistant steel frame design.


This is a magnetic hanger that's made of powerful medium magnets and can be easily hung anytime, anywhere.


It has an emotional design consisting of two colors, sand and black, strong durability of steel, and effectively blocks wind, increasing the efficiency of use. 


High-strength aluminum frame, durable, easy-to-carry cooler stand. The floor of the cooler can be protected from contamination and scratches by dropping the ground and the cooler, and both frames of the cooler stand are covered with fluffy EVA foam. Floor protection and non-slip protection of the attached products are possible.


It is a surround-type lantern that illuminates everywhere, no matter where you are, so you can use it conveniently without adjusting the direction. It is a lantern that can be easily installed in two types, a stand type, and a hanging type, depending on the installation location.


It is a surround-type lantern that illuminates everywhere no matter where you are, so you can use it conveniently without adjusting the direction. 


This is Kazmi Ice Cooler with a vintage look. Use stainless steel and iron steel material externally to withstand impact and to store content safely for a long time with FOAM urethane and polypropylene inside. Strong thermal power keeps your drinks and food cool for a long time.


Made of stainless steel, it's sturdy yet safe to use, and it's a four-piece set that's a practical set for a family of four.


Dual vacuum molding makes it easy to use for outdoor activities such as camping or fishing with a compact size and high grip handle.


Dual vacuum-formed, Thermo & holding effects are excellent, and stainless steel is harmless to the human body for hygienic and durability. It is composed of two cups and can be used in outdoor activities such as camping or fishing in a light compact size.


Made of stainless steel 304 for robust and safe use Double-dimensioned mold keeps you warm and cool. It consists of two cups and is light and compact. It can be used conveniently when outdoor activities such as camping or fishing.


Made of high ceramic coatings and solid black-skinned iron plates that do not require cumbersome sizzling, and offer a more delicious taste for new ingredients.


This KZM Luminous Stove has strong durability and corrosion resistance with an all-in-one stainless steel furnace and is highly utilizable with practical pot stands and emotional fire resistance.


With a wide crater with a diameter of 8.5cm, it spreads heat evenly and provides high thermal efficiency, making it a good stove for use in various containers including griddles. Maximum thermal power (liquid extraction) 6,480kcal Not only strong thermal power, but also heat is evenly and widely distributed to all areas, so it is always good to cook fast and delicious food.


It is a foldable two-tier storage cabinet that can be easily installed by hanging on a hook and is compatible with the Union Iron Mesh Table Series.


The Union iron BBQ plate is compatible with various union iron mesh table series, it can be used safely without worrying about shaking due to its strong fixing device. It has strong durability, heat, and moisture-resistant coating.


This is an iron mesh extension leg that helps you easily adjust the height of the iron mesh table.


This is a folding 2-fold table for camping that provides ample space and is easy to install and store. It has a connected system that can be used by connecting two or more tables so that several people can enjoy it together.


The light weight of the table is two-tiered, making it easy to use for outdoor activities such as light picnic or fishing. It is a table that can be easily carried by folding in two stages without any special operation.


The table is light in weight and has three layers, so it can be conveniently used for outdoor activities such as light picnics or fishing.


Produced from heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, iron mesh, it is durable and portable with simple installation and lightweight, making it a slim mini table that is available anytime, anywhere


A cooking table that can be conveniently used as a cabinet that is made of iron material that is resistant to hot heat and moisture and can be stored for many purposes.