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Award-winning rugged, compact, modern, pro-spec design


This unique ultra-clean camp utensil gives you the function of a spoon, fork, and a set of chopsticks. When placed together, they combine to form a long-handled spoon that's ideal for scraping the last bit of food out of a narrow backpacking pot or a rehydrated meal pouch.


When you're digging into your favorite pouch of trail food, keep your fingers nice and clean with GSI's Essential Spoon. With its long design, you can get to the bottom of things without making a mess. Ultra-sturdy long nylon handle and spoon bowl; Convenient silicone spoon bowl and edge.


The bright and lightweight 14 fl oz Bugaboo Cup belies strength and reliability. This ultra-lightweight camping and hiking cup made of high-grade aluminum features folding handles and stamped-in graduations.


Glacier Stainless steel fire-proof, rust-proof, scout-proof construction, this boiler can really take the heat. And with handy details like a folding, locking handle, helpful graduations, and a novel niche for nesting a stove and fuel canister, this is one pot that will eat up the backcountry and still shine.


Designed to integrate with its nFORM line of tough camp-kitchenware. The fork, knife, and spoon snap together for convenient packability and come in bright colors for variety and easy identification when everyone's gear gets tossed together on the camp table.


This nifty GSI Outdoors Escape Collapsible Cup is a backpacking essential. It keeps coffee hot, can be a measuring cup, and collapses down to just 0.7 inches high to fit nicely in even the smallest hiker's pack. Backed by a lifetime warranty.


Maximum performance, minimal space – an incredibly efficient collapsible pot. It saves space, saves fuel – saves even more space – and gets cooking. The Escape’s hybrid design combines the packability and lightweight of silicone with a highly efficient hyper-conductive anodized base.


Cook more, carry less. The Escape HS pot combines a collapsible silicone body that takes up 53% less space in your pack with our hyper-conductive anodized base that speeds cook times by up to 30%.


Durable, efficient, and fully loaded – this comprehensive set is perfect for family camping. With a stainless steel cook set and full-on eating gear for four, this is the one you need for serious campsite cooking.


Lightweight and exceptionally portable, this mini, stovetop espresso maker packs small and brews fast with a double wall cup to keep your double shot at the perfect temperature. 


This amazing little utensil functions as both a fork and spoon, with clever folding can be stored in a shirt pocket, the corner of a lunchbox, or under a fuel cartridge.


This GSI Collapsible Fairshare Mug is the perfect cup/bowl for rehydrating food or collecting huckleberries. Eat, drink, collapse, store during you outdoor journey