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With the ability to keep cold from 24-48 hours


Hard cooler box with an eye-catching classical design


Large-capacity hard cooler box recommended for family camping.


High-strength aluminum frame, durable, easy-to-carry cooler stand. The floor of the cooler can be protected from contamination and scratches by dropping the ground and the cooler, and both frames of the cooler stand are covered with fluffy EVA foam. Floor protection and non-slip protection of the attached products are possible.


This is Kazmi Ice Cooler with a vintage look. Use stainless steel and iron steel material externally to withstand impact and to store content safely for a long time with FOAM urethane and polypropylene inside. Strong thermal power keeps your drinks and food cool for a long time.


This cooler box from Naturehike come with a roller design so you may bring it anywhere easily.


This Mobi Garden Cooler box come with roller which easy to bring it anywhere. It's store up to 72 hours. Suitable to use for camping or fishing.