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Claymore Athena Rechargeable Lamp is inspired by the familiar shape of the lampshade, and the central pillar containing the battery is inspired by the pillars of the Parthenon, illuminating a golden light. Athena will be the wisest light that protects you from darkness and mosquitoes.


Claymore Cabin Rechargeable Lamp Camping Light recreated the optimal design to show the beauty of light. Possessing the classic atmosphere of a traditional gas lamp and the simple image of a modern lantern at the same time.


Claymore Selene Rechargeable Lantern Light has the shape of a pipe and a crown-shaped dial switch imbues it with the feeling of a lamp seen on a European street. The most distinctly Claymore lamp, Selene

  • CLAYMORE’s V600+ is an upgraded wireless air circulator fan, 
  • and it is REDDOT Winner 2020 awarded product. Compared to previous model(V600), 
  • 30% upgraded 7,800mAh high-capacity Li-ion battery is used so it can last up to 32 hours with a single charge. 
  • Enlarged 6.5 inch. fan blade spreads wind widen area. 
  • The newly applied C-Type charging port & battery indicator provide better convenience.
  • The safety cage is detachable for dust-free storing. 
  • Easy to carry with the attached handle and can be used in countless ways with the attachable tripod.