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Captain Stag UC1673 CS Charmant Lounge Chair is a handrest chair with cup holder


Captain Stag UC1627 is a Campout series. It has a Camouflage colour. Suitable for camping and fishing


Captain Stag UC1626 Campout lounge chair with camouflage design is easy to assemble. It come with a convenient cup holder and a back pocket for storing.


Captain Stag UC1628 Campout Series is double Person chair which has a camouflage design. It is foldable chair which is convenient to carry anywhere.


Captain Stag UG0030 is a grill stand table with windshield. It can be use as grill table that integrates into a trivet, a solo table, a windshield and a stove stand


Captain Stag UC0546 is a solo lightweight folding table that is easy to assemble and storing. Also have a space to store small items such as "Kamado Smart Grill B6"



Captain Stag UP1034 CS Black Label Low Style Wooden Chair is a low-style chair where you can rest your legs and sit comfortably. This chair also come with a removable cushion.


Captain Stag UC1674 CS Black Label Low Style Director Chair can sit from children to adults. It is great for bonfires and low-style barbecues.


CAPTAIN STAG UC1677 CS Black Label series is a foldable and portable one person chair


Captain Stag UC1660 CS Black Label Aluminum Bench is a portable and folding double person camping chair


Captain Stag UC1659 CS Classics Aluminum Backed Bench is a portable and folding double person camping chair


CAPTAIN STAG UC1800 Gracia Leisure Chair is a leisure chair that can be easily assembled by simply unfolding it. This chair is ideal for fishing, outdoor activities and leisure activities


CAPTAIN STAG UC1693 CS Black Label Relax Chair come with cushioning which is easy to assemble and has excellent sitting comfort. It also come with a convenient back pocket for storing your accessories.


Captain Stag UC0551 CS Black Label Aluminum Two-Way Roll Table Folding Table has height that can be adjusted in 2 steps (Low and High)


Captain Stag UC1699 CS Black Label Ultra High Back Chair is a comfortable high back chair with 3 stage reclining function and a back pocket for storing


CAPTAIN STAG UC1826 UC1827 is a lounge chair with shelf where you can put a bag. It also come with a convinient cup holder.



Captain Stag UC555 is a two way stainless  table with adjustable height of 265 mm and 400 mm. The table top is high heat resistance and embossed top plate for inconspicuous scratches.


Captain Stag UC1828 Folding double person bench is a bench that come with a large storage which can used to store rugs, towel or magazine during your camping time.



CAPTAIN STAG UC1804 is a two-seater style chair that is ideal for couple or friend during camping. It is a folding type which is convenient to carry.


CAPTAIN STAG UC1805 is a Campout series outdoor Lounge Chair with handrest. It can be assembled simply by unfolding it. Also come with a convenient cup holder.