Campingmoon Gigapower 2WAY Burner Torch
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Campingmoon Gigapower 2WAY Burner Torch come with adapter

  • Size: 20.5x5.3mm // Weight: 220g
  • Body material: Stainless steel, brass, plastic
  • Adapter / igniter Material: Aluminum / Plastic
  • Output: 12.000kcal / h
  • Accessories: CB can adapter

Features: A

Gear power torch that boasts a high output of 12,000 kcal / h, and you can expect a powerful concentrated flame at 4800 W above 1200 ° C.

Equipped with a generator inside the tip of the torch, it improves combustion efficiency by instantly vaporizing it.

  • By adjusting with the air adjustment lever, it is possible to adjust from a concentrated flame (flame temperature 1200 degrees) to a soft flame (flame temperature 900 degrees). The type of flame can be changed according to the work application.
  • It is useful not only for ignition of firewood and charcoal, but also for various purposes such as on-site work, cooking, hobby, outdoor leisure, hobby, and do-it-yourself. CB can adapter included
  • Accessories:
  • Since the CB can adapter is attached, household cassette gas can also be used, and it can be used for both OD cans and CB cans.

How to install the burner:

  • Preparation before installing the cylinder: Slowly turn the gas open / close valve counterclockwise to make sure it is closed.
  • Cylinder set: Make sure that the convex part of the cylinder lock of the burner is in a position perpendicular to the nozzle, then align it with the notch of the gas cylinder and push it in until it clicks. Then, turn the burner body to the right to fix it firmly.
  • Ignition: Ignite manually.
  • Removing the cylinder: Removing the cylinder is the reverse of the installation procedure.

Q What if I think it is a malfunction?
A This is not a malfunction
It is difficult to ignite even though there is a gas ejection sound.
● This is because the amount of gas ejected during ignition is too small.

2. 2. The flame grows.
● This is due to the ejection of unvaporized gas. Please use it with the cylinder facing up. Also, do not turn the gas amount adjustment knob in the "-" direction.

3. 3. The flame has become smaller.
● If used continuously for a long time, the amount of gas in the cylinder will decrease, the pressure will decrease, and the flame will also decrease.

Lifestyle: Cake surface eruption / roasting, barbecue, fire starter, sushi processing, camping, outdoor cooking

Industrial applications: Bending of iron pipes / steel pipes / plastic pipes, metal surface cleanliness, cement / terrazo surface treatment, welding, cutting, craft processing, pipe thawing, rapid heating before starting engine in winter, drying / heating.


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Campingmoon Gigapower 2WAY Burner Torch  x1

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