Campingmoon Foldable Aluminium Alloy Table
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Adjustable height (34cm to 44cm)

Material: Aluminum alloy

Weight: 2.9kg

Campingmoon Foldable Aluminium Alloy Table T-520

  • Size (when used): (approx.) 75 cm x 55 cm x H34-H44 cm (2 steps in height)
  • Size (when stored): (approx.) 55 cm x 18 cm x 16 cm
  • Weight: Approximately 2.9Kg
  • Material: Aluminum alloy, plastic. A compact and lightweight roll table made from extra lightweight aluminum alloy extra super duralumin (A7075).
  • Features: (1) Smooth setting and compact storage are possible. (2) The height of the legs can be adjusted in 2 steps of H34cm / H44cm, and you can create your favorite living room from low style to ultra low style.
  • Folding table useful for outdoor scenes

  • It is a foldable compact table, and the aluminum top plate is easy to wipe off dirt, and the large top plate is easy to use. Not only for outdoor scenes, but also for sudden visitors and room interiors.

  • Two-step adjustment of leg height

  • The feature is that the frame under the long side of the top plate is eliminated, you can sit neatly and comfortably, and you can adjust the height of the legs in two stages. You can create your favorite living room from low style, which is ideal for outdoor activities, to ultra-low style.
  • Uses high quality aluminum pole and resin moodle

  • Uses extra super duralumin (A7075) frame, which is also used for aircraft. With excellent strength and ultra-lightweight skeleton, it is lightweight and stable.
  • Compact storage

  • It also has a built-in shock cord that can be easily assembled and disassembled.
  • how to use

  • When stored, the folded legs and the plate-shaped table are divided into two parts.
  • Unfold the main body and assemble.
  • Extend the pole, pass it through the sleeve, and click it to fix it.
  • Spread the top plate and connect it to the sleeve on the outside of the frame to fix it.
  • done.
  • The height can be adjusted in 2 steps by changing the insertion position of the legs.
  • Precautions

    * The color of the product may differ slightly depending on the monitor you use and the settings.

    * Design and specifications are subject to change without notice for product improvement.

    * There are some individual differences in numerical values ​​such as size and weight.

    * Since the frame uses a black color, small scratches that occur during manufacturing are more noticeable than silver. Please note.


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