Campingmoon Field Rack Foldable Mesh Stackable Table
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High quality net stackable foldable table which can be easily to installed in just few second.

  • Detail: 
  • Material: Steel black plating
  • Size (when used): Approximately 60 x 35 x 23 cm
  • Size (when stored): Approximately 60 x 35 x 2.3 cm
  • Weight: Approximately 2.15kg (Please note that this is a field rack sold separately and does not come with a storage bag.)
  • Distributed load capacity: Approximately 30kg
  • Specification:
  • Improved material, unfolded and stowed stability for easier use.
    The field rack is a luggage space at the campsite. It is compact and does not become bulky. By adding a top plate, it can be easily transformed into a table. It becomes a convenient storage shelf when used in layers. It is a very convenient idea to put hot things such as pots and frying pans, and cooler boxes that let out water.
    The stand fits perfectly on the top plate and has a compact storage size! If you remove the top plate, you can put the Dutch oven as it is, so it is convenient.
  • 1. Load capacity 30kg
    Not only is it durable and looks good, but it is also sturdy due to the use of thick wire. Even a heavy water jug ​​of 20 kg or a cooler box can be placed without problems.

     2. Commitment to detail
  • To improve stability, the legs are thicker than normal products.
  • By adding an optional top plate, you can easily transform it into a low table! !!
  • Only the stainless steel T-230A is available, but the main body has a "groove" for the legs to fit in for stacking.
  •  3. Excellent storability
  • It's compact and doesn't get bulky
  • It becomes a convenient storage shelf when used in layers.
  • It is very convenient to put hot things such as pots and frying pans, or to put a cooler box that allows water to come out. It is easy to use because you can put the Dutch oven as it is.
  • 4. With convenient storage pack
  • Made of 900D polyester that is resistant to scratches and looseness, it is designed for accessory cases and thick fabrics. Very convenient and can be used for a long time.


  • Excellent storage capacity when stacked in 2 or 4 layers If you put the top plate on top, the maximum load capacity of a table for eating meals is 30 kg.
  • Used Location such as a field rack, it can be used not only for outdoor camping, athletic meet and barbecue, but also indoors. High-legged shelves protect camping equipment from rainwater and mud stains.
    The legs are made strong to withstand the load. Therefore, some force is required when assembling. You can easily assemble it by following the steps below.
  1. 1. Remove the field rack from the storage bag.
  2. 2. Raise it sideways and spread your legs.
  3. 3. Place your thumb on the body, hold your leg with your other fingers, and hook it on the grid on the top.
  4. 4. Make sure that there is no looseness before using.
  5. 5. You can easily remove the legs by following the same procedure.

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