Campingmoon Easy Clic Gas Adapter Z10
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An adapter that converts an inexpensive cassette gas can (CB) into an outdoor can (OD).

Campingmoon Easy Clic Gas Adapter Camping stove connector Screw type gas Adapter Split Type Furnace Converter Z10

  • Since it has a built-in check valve, it will not leak even if it is attached to the pump.
    Inexpensive cassette gas cans can be connected, and the texture of duralumin valves and CNC processing is different from those of other manufacturers.

  • Model: CB can → OD can base Compatible adapter (safety stand type)
  • Size: Approximately 55.0mm x 30.0mm (Inner diameter of concave joint part approximately 22mm)
  • Weight: about 30g
  • Features: Gas leak prevention valve type, equipped with safety stand
  • Material: Super Duralmin (anodized surface treatment), copper alloy, hard resin
  • Features: (1) Since it has a built-in check valve, gas does not leak even if it is attached. (2) Equipped with a safety stand, it can be used with the pombe sideways.

The adapter has been improved to metal. It has been improved to fit one burner, two burners and most equipment.
It also comes with a gas leak prevention valve.
Because it is compact, it can be used by screwing it into an outdoor stove or lantern.
Since the product is small and light, it is compact and easy to carry, and it can be used for trekking, bike touring, fishing, etc.

1. The purpose is to convert general-purpose screw-type OD cans (sometimes referred to as T-type cans and T-type cans) to base caps. ..
Please note that if it does not match the size of the base of the target tool, it may cause problems in use.


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