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This Campingmoon Z12 is a extender for your gas lanter, use as a extender for gas torch and make a hole on the bottom wall of the gas cartridge using this Z12 together with Z14 Degassing Claw Kun


A tool for drilling holes on the bottom wall of a gas cartridge for degassing the Can or as a Stopper for Gas Can

  • light weight
  • fast heating speed
  • equipped with outdoor net
  • easy to carry
  • light weight
  • fast heating speed
  • equipped with outdoor net
  • easy to carry
  • Head can rotate 360 ​​degrees
  • An anchor that connects leads using stainless steel pegs that can be driven hard even on hard ground.

    A 45 cm long peg can firmly fix the tent or tarp, and the installation is completed by tying a rope to the round hole.


Campingmoon Gigapower 2WAY Burner Torch come with adapter


It's the perfect grill plate for bonfire,for cassette stove, grill plate for IH heater


Campingmoon Compression multipurpose strap


High quality net stackable foldable table which can be easily to installed in just few second.


High quality steel foldable table with bamboo board. Can use separately only with the net table. 

Size Approximately 60 x 35 x 23 cm


Back rest armchair

Material: Alluminium Alloy

Load Capacity: 120kg


Adjustable height (34cm to 44cm)

Material: Aluminum alloy

Weight: 2.9kg


An adapter that converts an inexpensive cassette gas can (CB) into an outdoor can (OD).

  • 1. Dimensions
      1) Multi-adapter Z15 (L45x15x29mm)
    2. Material: Rubber, Super Duralmin , Brass
    3. Features: Equipped with a relief valve that lowers the internal pressure of the cartridge on the secondary side.
    * When filling a cartridge with a low remaining amount, it is a function to release excess pressure by pressing the button of the pressure reducing valve before opening the main valve to smooth the gas movement.


  • A stable base for cartridges that can also be attached to the bottom of CB cans.
  • Lightweight and compact, it is convenient to carry.
  • Weight: Approximately 80g
  • Size: (1) Multi-hose Z21 / 85cm, (2) OD can base adapter Z11 / approx. 41.0mm x 30.0mm
  • Material: Stainless steel, rubber, super duralmin
  • Product details: Burner, liquid drain stand, storage case, igniter (excluding bonus / warranty)
  • Features: (1) Uses an energy-saving internal flame burner (2) With a flexible hose (3) Can be used by placing the OD can upside down and draining liquid
  • 1. Uses an energy-saving type internal flame burner.

    It shortens the boiling time and improves the efficiency of gas consumption.

    2. Flexible hose.

    Uses a smooth and easy-to-manage hose. Even if the fuel is moved during use, it does not easily interfere with the burner body and can be wrapped around the body and stored compactly.

    3. Liquid can be used

    Liquid gas can be sent directly by turning the gas can upside down. Therefore, it is possible to utter a strong heat that is strong against the cold.


Camping Moon's stainless steel Sierra cup S-220. It can be stored compactly, is not bulky, and is easy to handle in terms of hygiene, it is an item suitable for camping and trekking.

  • Size: Approximately φ120 x 165 x 45 (height) mm
  • Weight: about 85g
  • Full capacity: Approximately 310 ml
  • Material: 18 "8 stainless steel
  • Set contents: Sierra cup 1-piece set
  • An all-stainless steel fireplace table with special embossing that is resistant to heat and scratches.
  • Size (when used): Approximately 84.3 cm x 84.3 cm x height 30 cm square / Middle opening: 50 cm x 50 cm / Center plate: 51.5 cm x 16.6 cm
  • Size (when stored): Approximately 86 cm x 19 cm x 8 cm
  • Weight: Approximately 8.6Kg
  • Accessories: Canvas tote bag

Gross weight: about 4.3kg

Size (when stored): width 49 cm x length 17 cm x thickness 11.5 cm

Size (when completed): height 26 cm x width 49 cm x length 34 cm

Grill material: SUS304 // Fire stand body material: SUS430

  • Accessories: Carry back for BBQ storage